Crypto Exchange in Switzerland 🇨🇭 and Liechtenstein 🇱🇮 (in Russian)

26 January 2021 Юрист и эксперт в юридической практике работы с блокчейн-проектами Yanina Petrovskaya рассказала об особенностях регистрации криптообменника в Швейцарии и Лихтенштейне. Таймкоды:0:00 Нужна ли лицензия для регистрации криптообменника в Швейцарии?0:23 Кто обязательно должен быть в штате сотрудников?0:43 Обязательно ли нужно регистрировать криптообменник в Цуге?01:17 Минус швейцарского регулирования для crypto exchage01:38 Какой компании проще открыть банковский […]

Security Token Offering in Switzerland. Important Documents

16 October 2020 Before starting a blockchain project in Switzerland, we strongly recommend you to study essential documents in order to avoid wasting your time, money and efforts. There are four key documents for Security Token Offering projects in the Swiss jurisdiction. 1. ICO Guidelines 2. Legal framework for distributed ledger technology and blockchain in Switzerland  3. Banking Guidelines  4. Updated! The […]

🇨🇭New Swiss DLT Legislation

2 October 2020 SWITZERLAND CHANGES LAWS TO INCLUDE BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY IN THE FINANCIAL SYSTEM September 25th the Swiss parliament approved by the unanimous final vote the inclusion of Blockchain technology in the financial system, as well as the use of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin that could be interpreted as a kind of security. The project […]

Chambers Blockchain 2020 Guide

18 June 2020 Our overview about Security Token Offering under the #Liechtenstein Blockchain Act is published in Chambers Blockchain Guide 2020 and we are happy to share it with you! We really tried to make it understandable (compared to usual legal writing) and helpful. We will really appreciate your feedback!  Please comment & share! Sincerely yours, […]

AG vs. GmbH in Switzerland

10 June 2020 The most common types of companies that foreign entrepreneurs create in Switzerland are GmbH and AG. Both types of companies have their advantages and disadvantages. To make it easier for you to understand which type of company is best for you, we have created a detailed checklist comparing these two forms. Download […]

‎The Women Of Blockchain: Liechtenstein Blockchain Act and the STO Climate with a Crypto-Lawyer, Yanina Petrovskaya

1 June 2020 Check out the new episode of The Women Of Blockchain podcast with a Crypto-Lawyer Yanina Petrovskaya hosted by Lora Salomidou. In this episode you’ll hear about: 🔵 the Liechtenstein Blockchain Act in detail, its advantages, risks and practical implementations. 🔴 the recent progress and the outstanding challenges of STOs in Switzerland & […]

🇬🇮 DLT in Gibraltar: Why do STOs choose this jurisdiction?

25 May 2020 Thanks a lot for our great partner Anthony Provasoli, FinTech Team Leader at Hassans International Law Firm from Gibraltar, for an expert opinion on the current blockchain-market situation. Anthony told about the attraction of Gibraltar jurisdiction for the international clients, discussed the principle “quality, not quantity” and explained how it is connected […]

COVID-19: RLP Lawyers support for startups and SMEs

8 May 2020 In light of the global economic recession, we decided to provide unprecedented support for startups and SMEs with a FREE intro-consultation and further project review.  After such a review, the project receives a customized legal cost and a map with the following steps. Schedule an e-meeting with a lawyer. Sincerely yours, RLP Team We […]

RLP Lawyers podcast

13 April 2020 We are pleased to announce the launch of an RLP podcast on Soundcloud. Now you can not only watch and read, but also listen to us on the road, while jogging or during routine household chores. We try to create the most useful content for you! If you have suggestions on topics […]