Last-minute DAVOS tips

Less than a week is left before the World Economic Forum 2020 in Davos begins. We’ve prepared a list of last-minute Davos tips that could help for your last preparation for the intensive week.

 1. Find a place to stay in advance

The first thing to say about Davos is that you need to find accommodation in advance, and we hope that you are all well prepared. Last-minute accommodations normally can be found somewhere in the Davos surroundings, as well as in nearby towns.

If you have not found accommodation yet, be prepared for extremely high prices for an overnight stay during this special week; the average nightly price is €2,441.

By the way, we suggest you should travel rather by train because the taxi to Davos will cost you a fortune.

Screenshot of the with stays options during the Davos Week (nightly price)

2. Be well-dressed

Not meaning beautiful or fashionable clothes but rather clothes prepared for the weather. Davos, be honest is a small village in Swiss Alps, where is pretty cold in winter. No one really cares about fashionable clothes but rather for warm and comfortable enough.

Actually, since all the world politicians, founders of companies and authoritative persons in the world tend to be in Davos during this time, they still pay attention to how they look like. So your clothes should be looking well if you do present in Davos or plan some important meetings. But be sure they are warm enough so you could survive when walking from one event to another.

Next week weather in Davos (source:

3. Provide yourself with food

And you also have to keep in mind that during a lot of events typically there are just some coffee breaks, there is not a lot to eat. 

So you have three options:

a) you should plan either to attend events that serve some food;

b) try to somehow survive without food during a week;

c) have hearty breakfast and then find something during the events.

Which one do you choose?

4. Be prepared for great networking
This is the most important part of the Davos week. You should plan all the events that you are going to attend well in advance. You should plan who of your team is going to do which of the events or meetings.

How to find the right people to meet and to spend your time with:

     a) find the Davos events in LinkedIn or Facebook and look who is going to attend them;

     b) contact the people cooperation with whom could be useful for both sides;

     c) look who is going to be a speaker, who is going to be on a panel assort event, and also connect with those people in advance to agree where you should meet during the Davos week.

We have prepared a great list of events that we are going to share with you. 

Download it ↓

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See you in Davos!

Your RLP Team