Cryptocurrency Funds in Liechtenstein 🇱🇮

9 June 2021

Malta 🇲🇹, Gibraltar 🇬🇮 and Liechtenstein 🇱🇮 have been at the forefront to provide solutions for fund managers investing in digital assets.

With the current volatility, we’re experiencing there’s no better time to connect again with Industry Leaders in all three jurisdictions for the most recent updates including regulatory ones.

Alexander Yudovich told about the cryptocurrency funds in Liechtenstein and answered the frequently asked questions.

Watch the full webinar recording to get to know more about these three
jurisdictions that have been at the forefront to provide solutions
for funds investing in Digital Currencies.

We will be happy to provide legal support at all stages of the registration of an investment fund in Liechtenstein for activities on crypto assets.

Our lawyers will advise you on preparing the necessary documents for submission to the bank and the regulatory authority.

Email us for a full list of services, legal or tax advice:

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