7-Point Security Token Offering Milestones Checklist

21 Feb, 2020

Analysing requests that come to us, we see that projects do not always have an understanding of what needs to be done before conducting an #STO, especially in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. 

To clear the steps that should be taken, we have prepared a 7-Point STO Milestones Checklist. 

Lawyer and Crypto Adviser Yanina Petrovskaya discuss in detail every point of the checklist, which includes: 

1️⃣ Business & Team
2️⃣ Business plan and Tokenomica
3️⃣ Legal 
4️⃣ PR, IR & Marketing
5️⃣ Secondary market issues for listing
6️⃣ Budgets for everything needed
7️⃣ Post STO performances

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