What makes Switzerland & Liechtenstein regulatory framework attractive to international blockchain projects?

Switzerland First of all, specialized crypto or blockchain related regulations or guidelines influence the decision to relocate the crypto business to the country. Switzerland was one of the first countries in the world which introduced ICO guidelines in February 2018 defining: Payment tokens as synonymous with crypto currencies and having no further functions or links […]

Interview with Malcolm Tan, ICO/STO Advisor in Singapore

In this interview with Mr. Malcolm Tan, ICO/STO Advisor in Singapore, Ms. Yanina Petrovskaya’s  discussed the situation with Blockchain projects in Singapore. We do not pretend the text version is perfect since it is just a transcription of the conversation. Neither does it constitute any sort of legal advice. Malcolm Tan: I’m a practicing lawyer from Singapore. I […]

Interview with Philipp Sauerborn, an international tax advisor in Malta

Malta has become known as “Blockchain Island”. In 2018 the Maltese Parliament passed tree laws establishing the regulatory framework for blockchain, cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology (DLT). In Ms. Yanina Petrovskaya’s interview with Mr. Philipp Sauerborn, an international tax advisor and Crypto Team Leader of Dr. Werner & Partner , discussed the situation with blockchain projects in Malta  and its […]


Interview with Matthias Niedermueller, lawyer at LCX / Binance in the Principality of Liechtenstein

Binance is considered to be the number one among the crypto exchanges. Thanks to political and economic stability as well as to the recently introduced Blockchain Act (to be enacted in early 2019) Binance decided to team up with Liechtenstein’s crypto exchange LCX. In Ms. Yanina Petrovskaya’s interview with Dr. Matthias Niedermueller, lawyer of the project discussed […]


Liechtenstein Blockchain Act Summary

Liechtenstein has already introduced a Special Blockchain Act, one of the first in the world, which is to be enacted in early 2019. Current Status Unlike in Switzerland, where regulatory recommendations (though no legal provisions) have already been developed, no detailed  ICO Guidelines documents apply in Liechtenstein at the moment. According to the ICO/TGE factsheet, token emission is subject […]