🇬🇮 DLT in Gibraltar: Why do STOs choose this jurisdiction?

25 May 2020 Thanks a lot for our great partner Anthony Provasoli, FinTech Team Leader at Hassans International Law Firm from Gibraltar, for an expert opinion on the current blockchain-market situation. Anthony told about the attraction of Gibraltar jurisdiction for the international clients, discussed the principle “quality, not quantity” and explained how it is connected […]

COVID-19: RLP Lawyers support for startups and SMEs

8 May 2020 In light of the global economic recession, we decided to provide unprecedented support for startups and SMEs with a FREE intro-consultation and further project review.  After such a review, the project receives a customized legal cost and a map with the following steps. Schedule an e-meeting with a lawyer. Sincerely yours, RLP Team We […]

RLP Lawyers podcast

13 April 2020 We are pleased to announce the launch of an RLP podcast on Soundcloud. Now you can not only watch and read, but also listen to us on the road, while jogging or during routine household chores. We try to create the most useful content for you! If you have suggestions on topics […]

USP of Liechtenstein for Blockchain Business

27 March 2020 What is the USP – unique selling proposition – of Lichtenstein as a place to start or to continue your blockchain business?  What is the difference of Liechtenstein compared to other jurisdictions such as Estonia, Gibraltar, Malta or Switzerland? Why should you consider Liechtenstein as a place for your blockchain projects? Read […]

How to choose a country for your blockchain-project

9 March 2020 Analysing requests that come to us, we see that projects do not always have an understanding of what needs to be done before conducting an #STO, especially in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.  The essential issue for a blockchain startup is to launch in the right place and at the right time. Crypto-friendly countries often […]

OverFuture’s initial offering of tokenized shares was hastily issued for the world’s first “digital IPO”.

12 Feb, 2020 The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA published a supplement to its ICO guidelines outlining how it treats so-called ‘stable coins’ under Swiss supervisory law. Learn more on the official website. As far as we see, this is not about the initial public offering (IPO) of tokenized shares on a blockchain, but about security token […]


A new 2020 year has begun with intensive conferences, new projects and meetings, and we decided to summarise the year 2019 at the beginning of 2020 . Let’s get back to 2019, which was a special year for the blockchain industry in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, and for our company in particular. 1. In 2019 Liechtenstein […]