A new 2020 year has begun with intensive conferences, new projects and meetings, and we decided to summarise the year 2019 at the beginning of 2020 . Let’s get back to 2019, which was a special year for the blockchain industry in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, and for our company in particular. 1. In 2019 Liechtenstein […]

Last-minute DAVOS tips

Less than a week is left before the World Economic Forum 2020 in Davos begins. We’ve prepared a list of last-minute Davos tips that could help for your last preparation for the intensive week.  1. Find a place to stay in advance The first thing to say about Davos is that you need to find accommodation […]

Switzerland and Liechtenstein: Jurisdictions for Serious Blockchain Projects

11 Jun,2019 So far, this year has truly been the year of blockchain regulation: in less than half of 2019, countries that have already regulated blockchain were joined by Italy, The People`s Republic of China, Bahrein, and Finland. In addition to that, with The U.S., Hong Kong, and Malta issuing additional consultations for crypto-powered businesses, we can confidently state that the trend of […]

Swiss-Polish Blockchain Symposium

Last Friday, June 7, 2019, we had a pleasure to take part in the 1st symposium organized by Swiss-Polish Blockchain Association. That was a great chance to meet the Polish blockchain community and discuss some business cases. Thanks to the organizers for such an event and many thanks to the speakers for your interesting and […]

RLP Lawyers has joined the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium (GLBC)

RECHTSANWÄLTE LENNERT PARTNERS AG (RLP Lawyers) has joined the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium (GLBC), an organization of legal and technology industry stakeholders focused on increasing the security, productivity, and interoperability of blockchain technology. RECHTSANWÄLTE LENNERT PARTNERS AG (RLP Lawyers) founded as a tax law boutique started supporting blockchain projects in Liechtenstein in 2017. By now […]

Report and Motion on the Blockchain Act adopted

On May 7, The Liechtenstein Blockchain-Act after a long procedure of public debate was passed by the government to parliament. This basis of blockchain legislation is probably one of the best of its kind at the global level. The law aims to improve investor protection, combat money laundering and establish legal certainty in regulating blockchain projects. […]

What makes Switzerland & Liechtenstein regulatory framework attractive to international blockchain projects?

Switzerland First of all, specialized crypto or blockchain related regulations or guidelines influence the decision to relocate the crypto business to the country. Switzerland was one of the first countries in the world which introduced ICO guidelines in February 2018 defining: Payment tokens as synonymous with crypto currencies and having no further functions or links […]

Interview with Malcolm Tan, ICO/STO Advisor in Singapore

In this interview with Mr. Malcolm Tan, ICO/STO Advisor in Singapore, Ms. Yanina Petrovskaya’s  discussed the situation with Blockchain projects in Singapore. We do not pretend the text version is perfect since it is just a transcription of the conversation. Neither does it constitute any sort of legal advice. Malcolm Tan: I’m a practicing lawyer from Singapore. I […]