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Tokenization of real-world assets

The recent article published by CoinDesk discusses the potential growth and convergence of traditional financial institutions with the realm of blockchain technology through the tokenization of real-world assets (#RWAs).

The focal point is the forecasted growth of tokenized assets by 2030, which is attributed to the increasing adoption of blockchain technology by traditional financial institutions.
Key Points:

▶️ 21.co predicts significant growth in tokenized assets, covering diverse financial products. The valuation may range from $3.5 trillion to $10 trillion by 2030.

▶️ A transition from crypto “frenzy” to integration with traditional financial systems is anticipated. Real-world assets may move to blockchain platforms through tokenization.

▶️ The current tokenized asset market is at approximately $116 billion. Digital dollars comprise 97% of tokenized assets, with assets like U.S. government bonds showing a 450% growth this year.

▶️ Regulatory hurdles, lack of standardization, and socio-economic factors pose challenges to widespread global access to tokenized RWAs.
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