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Global crypto legality

Check out CoinGecko’s recent study on global crypto legality! 🌍🔍

Here’s a quick overview of their findings:

⏺ Cryptocurrency is now legal in 119 countries and four British Overseas Territories.

⏺ More than half of the world’s nations have embraced crypto!

⏺ Around 64.7% of these countries are from emerging and developing regions in Asia and Africa.

⏺ Europe leads the charge in cryptocurrency acceptance, with 39 out of 41 countries (95.1%) acknowledging its legitimacy.

⏺ Surprisingly, only 62 out of the 119 countries with legal crypto have comprehensive regulations.

⏺ El Salvador and the Central African Republic (CAR) have adopted crypto as legal tender, but El Salvador remains the only active user.

⏺ Also, 25 out of 166 countries are considered ‘crypto neutral,’ not giving a clear legal status to cryptocurrency.

⏺ On the stricter side, 22 countries have banned crypto use and transactions within their borders.

Fascinating insights into the global crypto landscape! 💡💰

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