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Banking the Crypto Industry

Two months have passed since the collapse of Silvergate Capital Corp. and Signature Bank, and the world of crypto companies is undergoing a significant transformation in the face of an expanding crackdown on the industry in the United States. Amidst these changes, a new banking landscape is emerging, reshaping how crypto companies operate and interact with financial institutions.

In the US, crypto firms are seeking refuge in a select group of smaller regional lenders to establish their banking relationships. However, the scope of this transformation extends beyond US borders, with Swiss and Asian banks also assuming a more prominent role, albeit with a cautious approach to engaging with crypto clients. In the UK, where banking access has also become more challenging, companies are turning to payment-service providers to bridge the gap.

Bloomberg News has compiled a list of global banks open to working with clients in the crypto sector. This list provides valuable insights into the evolving relationships between traditional financial institutions and the crypto community.

Notably, the Liechtenstein Bank Frick, along with Swiss banks Seba and Sygnum, stand out as reliable in working with crypto-projects, offering an array of services such as deposits, crypto trading, crypto custody, payments, card services, brokerage, and asset management. They exemplify the potential for collaboration between traditional banking and the emerging crypto landscape.

Read the article below, and learn our accompanying infographic, which visually captures the key banks worldwide that offer financial services to the crypto sector.


[Disclaimer: This post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial or investment advice.]