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Tokenization of Real Estate – LinkedIn Live – 8th Dec. 15CET

Join us for an engaging live webinar discussing the intricacies of Real Estate Tokenization, featuring industry experts Janina Pietrowska from RLP Lawyers and Borys Pikalov from STOBox Platform.


Here's a glimpse of the in-depth discussions awaiting you:

▶️ Uncover the critical legal factors businesses should prioritize when venturing into real estate tokenization.

▶️ Delve into the differences in regulatory issues between Switzerland and Liechtenstein for such projects.

▶️ Explore which jurisdictions pose advantages or challenges for real estate tokenization.

▶️ Learn about the technological advancements making real estate tokenization more accessible and secure.

▶️ Explore how the platform addresses liquidity challenges and ensures liquidity for investors in tokenized assets.

▶️ Hear about successful case studies showcasing effective real estate tokenization using the STOBox platform.

... and much more.

Join us for this illuminating discussion where we will share our knowledge and insights, guiding you through the complexities of real estate tokenization.

Save the date and be part of this informative session.