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Unlocking MiCA 🔓

Join us for an enlightening evening hosted by the Swiss Finance + Technology Association (#SFTA) and the UZH Blockchain Center: “Unlocking MiCA”.

We’ll demystify the complex world of the Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation and its profound implications for #Swissand #Liechtenstein crypto-traders and service providers.

This event will unveil the secrets of MiCA, providing insights into critical areas, including:

🔹 A comprehensive understanding of MiCA and its operational intricacies.

🔹 In-depth exploration of MiCA market access rules, encompassing license requirements, notification procedures, and exemptions.

🔹Strategies for Swiss crypto asset traders and service providers to establish a presence in the EU market.

🔹 Evaluation of the feasibility of CASPs from third countries offering their services in the EU without EU authorization, along with the associated conditions.

Don’t miss this opportunity to decode the future of crypto asset regulation!

Register now → https://lnkd.in/ertHME8X 🚀

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