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📢 BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: The Chambers and Partners Blockchain 2023 Global Practice Guide is now available!

We are pleased to share that our chapter on the Trends and Developments section for Liechtenstein is now published. Gain valuable insights into Liechtenstein's blockchain industry's legal framework and business models!

📚 Short Summary:

In our guide, we have explored how the most common crypto and tokenisation business models are realised within both Liechtenstein’s national legal framework and the broader European legal framework.

We have analysed significant business models, such as:

🔹fundraising through security or utility token offerings,
🔹tokenization platforms,
🔹crypto exchanges,

Moreover, we have highlighted the requirements and regulations for each model, including the registration process, prospectus obligations, and minimum capital requirements.

The eGuide concludes with our team's outlook on the TVTG and the MiCA Regulation.

We have explored the projected market growth and the increasing number of service providers in Liechtenstein.

Additionally, we have overviewed the proposed Regulation on MiCA by the EU, which aims to establish a standardised legal framework for regulating the crypto industry throughout the European Union.

To read the complete document on Trends and Developments in Liechtenstein, please follow this link: https://practiceguides.chambers.com/practice-guides/blockchain-2023/liechtenstein/trends-and-developments

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Let others benefit from the insights and expertise presented within!

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