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TUM Blockchain Conference – Insights

It was a fantastic opportunity to meet with industry colleagues and engage in meaningful discussions about the application of #MiCA in Germany, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein. Hedi Navazan, Alireza Siadat, Anne-Grace Kleczewski, Dr. Nina-Luisa Siedler, Marina Khaustova.

Moreover, we explored how the Liechtenstein Blockchain Act (#TVTG) is undergoing revisions in light of MiCA, which entails several noteworthy changes:

🔹Introduction of a unified license for tokens and key custodians.

🔹Elimination of the requirement for Token Issuer registration for issuances exceeding 5 million.

🔹Establishment of a registration new for Tokenization service providers.

🔹Token Lending Enterprise registration to exclude staking from the scope of activities requiring a banking license

🔹Registration for portfolio management of crypto-assets.

🔹Registration of transfer services for crypto-assets on behalf of clients.

Also, MiCA should be implemented to national legislation since Liechtenstein is in the EEA and not the EU. To conclude Liechtenstein Blockchain Act, with its supervisory and civil law elements, will be applicable together with MiCA/MiCA Implementation law.

I would like to extend a special word of thanks to the event organizers Isabell Welpe. Your meticulous planning and flawless execution were genuinely top-notch!

See you again soon! Take care and stay inspired!

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