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Swiss fintechs have emerged as standout performers in Europe

As we approach the midpoint of 2023, the fintech industry continues to face a complex and challenging financing environment. The landscape is marked by high inflation, rising interest rates, geopolitical uncertainties, and other unforeseen events, such as the collapse of several US banks and the downfall of Credit Suisse in Switzerland.
Despite these obstacles, there have been remarkable success stories that deserve our attention. Two Swiss startups, Teylor from Zurich and Metaco from Lausanne, have emerged as standout performers in Europe. Both companies have not only weathered the storm but have also exemplified the resilience and strengths of the #Swiss_fintech ecosystem.
Metaco’s acquisition by the crypto giant Ripple for a substantial price and Teylor’s impressive three-digit million funding from prominent financial players like Barclays to advance SME credit financing highlight their significance in the global fintech landscape.


As for the numbers in Fintech funding:
🔹 North and Latin America has shown remarkable growth, reaching $36 billion
🔹 the EMEA region saw a drop to $11.2 billion.
The focus is on efficiency, cash flow, and profitability, rather than “growth at any cost.”
Gold & commodities emerge as the top alternative to stocks for the second half of 2023, followed by fixed income (developed markets) and private markets.
Looking ahead, the #regulatory_landscape is evolving, with developments such as the European Commission’s revised Payment Services Directive and proposals for payment services regulation and access to financial data. These measures are expected to drive interest and funding in the realms of Open Banking and Embedded Finance.
As legal professionals deeply engaged in the fintech space, we have an instrumental role in guiding our clients through these challenging times and helping them seize the opportunities that lie ahead. So stay informed, innovative, and proactive in navigating the ever-evolving fintech landscape.
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