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Policy Paper "Liquidity in Markets for Security Tokens."

Swiss Blockchain Federation Board member Guido Buehler delivered a remarkable presentation at BankersCom2023, introducing the Policy Paper titled "Liquidity in Markets for Security Tokens."

A heartfelt thanks to the authors of this paper: Guido Buehler, Cédric Lüscher, Diego Roth, Claudio Tognella, and Lars Schlichting.

Three years after the initial circular's publication, the authors maintain their conviction that Switzerland plays a pivotal role in achieving liquidity in secondary markets for tokenized assets.

Switzerland is a global financial leader and a prominent blockchain hub, boasting essential structural elements for a strong DLT-infused capital market:

🇨🇭 DLT-friendly legal and tax framework.

🇨🇭 Robust access to capital.

🇨🇭 Innovation-oriented culture.

🇨🇭 Stable public affairs environment.

Together, these factors provide clear guidance and appeal to exchange operators, issuers, promoters, market makers, and investors.

The SBF's Policy Paper offers comprehensive strategies aimed at nurturing and enhancing liquidity within these markets, presenting a collection of actionable recommendations.

The original paper (& much more) can be found here: https://blockchainfederation.ch/downloads/?lang=en