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The Top 5 Countries With the Most Crypto Hedge Funds

We'd like to share the latest findings by 21e6 Capital, a Swiss investment advisor in the crypto space. They have recently compiled a comprehensive ranking of the top five countries with the most crypto hedge funds.

1️⃣ United States of America

2️⃣ Cayman Islands + British Virgin Islands

3️⃣ Switzerland

4️⃣ Liechtenstein

5️⃣ Germany & Australia

We want to highlight two jurisdictions we work in – Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

with a robust network of banks and service providers, offers an excellent foundation for the crypto industry. Additionally, Switzerland has developed a clear regulatory framework for hedge funds, making it an attractive destination for investors. It is worth noting that while the coverage of service providers and the crypto-friendliness of Swiss banks is moderate, the setup and maintenance of a crypto hedge fund in Switzerland is quite costly.
by early adoption of the Liechtenstein Blockchain Act, has gained a reputation for being even more crypto-friendly than Switzerland. European banks and brokers tend to prefer Liechtenstein as a trusted and compliant jurisdiction, making onboarding European professional investors a smoother process. Managing a cryptocurrency hedge fund in Liechtenstein comes with a slightly lower cost compared to Switzerland, although it remains more expensive than operating in the Cayman Islands or the BVI.

Thanks to the authors, Jan Spörer and Maximilian Bruckner, for creating this insightful ranking!


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